Why Get Fitted for a Bra?

Wearing the incorrect bra size can cause a multitude of problems. Back pain, wires that dig, poke or even occasionally pop out, shoulder divots, too much back pudge, sagging and gaping are a few of the signs that a bra doesn't fit correctly.

Change is a part of life and breasts are no exception to the rule. Loosing and gaining weight, surgery, babies and of course gravity all make their presence known when it comes to bra sizing. To make things even more complex, there is no industry standard when it comes to fit. Even within a company that specializes in fit, one bra style doesn’t always fit like the next.

According to Oprah, 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. That probably means you, especially if you have not been measured by one of our fit specialists. With our secret method, you will not only look great, but be comfortable in your new bra all day long. 

When to get measured:

Don’t put it off until you reach your “target” weight, after your pregnancy, or any of the hundreds of reasons we invent to avoid shopping for a new bra. Allowing yourself to look good and feel good now is something that we should live for everyday. Plus, you can always trust us to make sure your in-store experiance is as good as it can get.