"The name, Purrmission Lingerie, is enough to get my attention. The products are extraordinary; the quality is top notch, the fabrics are soft, colors delicious. The fit is the best bonus of all. I don’t feel the bra at all, EVER. I am a 36 H cup and truly need support. My Prima Donna bras are comfortable, and don’t look or feel like a harness. Who could ask for more.

So, Miss Kitty, and Cleo, Thank You,
Brenda Stein
P.S., I have given presents of night gowns and family members have been thrilled."


"Confession: I'm a Target underwear shopper. Or at least was. Why spend all that money on stuff no one but me and the asleep husband sees, right? Wrong. I learned a few lessons when I took the plunge and shopped at Purrmission. 

1. All bras are NOT created equal. And they absolutely don't give you the same look. The bras I've bought at Purrmission make me look less frumpy (I'm "dummi thiq" as my children tell me) and give this middle aged body actual shape. They last much longer than the stretched out Target boulder holders and I actually FEEL prettier wearing them.
2. Purrmission panties don't climb or slide, even while working out.
3. No one at Target makes you feel pretty. Melanie and Cleo at Purrmission makes me feel beautiful AND deserving.
Absolutely worth every penny. And my husband has never complained about the purchases. ;) "
Mikko C. 
"Purrmission Lingerie and Swim has everything you need - the perfect-fit bra, the most fabulous-feeling pjs, something a bit sexy, and the best bathing suits in Ventura. This is quality ladies, Parisian, Italian... none of that mass-market stuff. Best selection in all of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. "
Toni G. 
"I bought the two best fitting bras I've ever had at Purrmission Lingerie and Swim. They know how to fit bras and have a wide selection, there's something for everyone. I not only feel better wearing them but look better, too! I get so many compliments on the swimsuits, Ill never go anywhere else."
Suze W.